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Thank you for visiting my page.

To my fellow shopper or business seeker,

Perhaps you may want to know a bit about who I am, and my own "insane" ups-and-downs journey to success.

I'm into full-time personal development with an ethical business opportunity "attached." My purpose is to help build leadership and empower leaders who want to achieve wealth without compromise.

A guiding principle I use in life is late Jim Rohn's under-quoted statement ...

"Be careful who you become on your journey to your destination." - Jim Rohn

My focus has always been to build a solid and secure, ongoing lasting royalty-like income ... which lasts for the rest of my life, along with helping others do the same.

I've enjoyed the thrill of what it means to have free time and enough money to enjoy my life.

I’ve been a very hard worker in everything I do, including owning several "traditional" brick and mortar businesses.

I’ve owned 3 Music Stores in Seminole Mall, Clearwater Mall, and Tampa Bay Mall called Discount Keyboards, a computer store called Future Computers, two maid service businesses (Rent-A-Maid and Pinellas County Maid Service), and even a street-side oriental rug business in Homestead, Florida ... which was actually a lot of fun. I also owned a small advertising agency to help small businesses, and utilized my copywriting skills.

All my businesses made me good money, for a time. The biggest issue I had with them is they never could give me time freedom to do what I wanted. I was always locked down to "babysitting" my business. I basically owned my own job. That’s not what I was looking for, nor what I ever want again. (I didn't know of Brad Sugars, then, and was ignorant of his concept of "finish the business.")

I’ve been in way too many network marketing companies to accurately count. It's too embarrassing. It's not something you want to brag about. I've been through a lot of failures in network marketing. Of course, they're not really failures if you look at them as learning experiences, right? :)

If you're an "old-timer" in network marketing, you may recognize some of them, such as Mix-i-Go and Slick 50 (when I was 15 with my dad, of which companies started off as MLM's ... many may not know) Back then, those companies allowed 15 year olds to join a network marketing company! My dad was my first sponsor in the industry. Unfortunately, Mix-i-Go and Slick 50 decided quit their network marketing operations and wholesaled strictly to retail stores. So that was that.

I joined Amway, then found out about Olde Worlde, Inc. (when I was 22). Olde Worlde was a founded by an ex-Diamond in Amway. For lead programs, I had joined United Prosper Club, Leaders Club (I reached "Presidential" consistantly), and ProStep. I did well in all those lead programs.

After Olde Worlde, I had joined Nutrition for Life, and achieved my first 5-figure success in network marketing. Tom "Big Al" Schreiter was part owner, for any "old-timers" reading this.

Unfortunately, all the above network marketing businesses went out of business! It's not so much that I was a "program hopper" (that so many are accused of being in our industry), as it was that the companies either got out of network marketing altogether (Mix-i-Go and Slick 50) or went out of business, and in other cases, I discovered they were violating anti-pyramiding laws ... which I won't put up with for even one second.

The irony, and what is a bit funny to me now is, is that when I was 22 in Olde Worlde, myself and my team arrogantly mocked the very company I'm with now! .... who was only 2 years old, then. We said, "They're a joke. They'll never make it!" Boy were we ever wrong! You know how arrogance can sometimes get a hold of a young-blooded 22 year-old young man, I'm sure. ;)

My first HUGE success in network marketing was Neways International. I opened Japan with my “famous” 4-page Consumer Alert Bulletin (sales-letter), my first wild success at writing effective ad copy. The C.A.B. got translated into Japanese and initiated a HUGE response. My organization grew to over 200,000 distributors!

After being with Neways for 5 years, I sold my position (for personal reasons) for a significant sum of money.

My next success was Life Force International. I went on to make six-figures a year in "residual" income by becoming a top new volume producer in the company selling products. I was with Life Force for a solid 13 years until their founder, Wayne Hilman passed away, and then the company lost its momentum by making some dumb management decisions.

With that income, and the income from selling my Neways position, for the first time in my life, I was able to take a year and a half off and just goof around with my time!

Do you know what a joy and delight that is to do? ... with no worries about how you’re going to make money? It is a freedom that once tasted, you’ll never want to lose or miss again!

After my successful run with Life Force, I made a few mis-steps. I joined Youngevity, only to discover it's an unethical company.

Next, I tried, Joy to Live. They seemed ethical, but there are a lot of ethical people that don't know how to run a company. JTL was a tiny start-up that was supposed to be the next "billion dollar company". Boy, have I ever heard that ranting promise so many times before, by so many people!

Then I joined Purium. My sponsor literally ignored me, and there was no upline leadership to have time for me. So I left.

Then I joined Total Life Changes. They're a good company. However, the market they were targeting was not the one I felt comfortable with, especially during the chaotic racist-propaganda political environment, which made it nearly impossible to build a team.

So I went back to Purium. They have good products, and their commission was decent (but not great). I was happily rolling with them until they idiotically violated FTC's guidelines, and started paying commissions and "coding bonuses" on $50 discount cards, which are merely sales aids.

Paying commissions on distributor sales aids is illegal. Commissions and bonuses can only be paid on the actual products sold. I tried to tell my upline leaders and Purium corporate this, but nobody listened. Their greed apparently got in the way of hearing me, and warning them that the company is vulnerable to FTC legal action.

Purium's BBB "F" rating (at the time), that they wouldn't address, helped my decision to leave them, too. So I left them for the second time. Since I've left, they "resolved" their "F" rating by somehow delisting their Purium name at BBB, and are now using their parent company, "Organic by Nature", which has an unaccredited "A+" rating.

To me, this is just another unethical stunt I won't put up with. Another issue is Organic by Nature has a competing retail product line they sell called "Pure Planet". That's the same products as Purium distributors sell, except under a different name! For a company to compete in retail against their own distributors is unfair and unethical.

I then joined a company called Modere (formally named Neways, who I used to be with for 5 years ... the very company I was extremely successful with). So I already knew their products were good and sellable. I felt "back home" for little while, and was excited about their new retail customer-friendly marketing.

However, Modere management idiotically changed their compensation plan so a new person selling their products would make nothing from their personal sales, unless they hit a minimum of $250 in wholesale volume.

Even if you sold $250 worth in a month, you only got paid a lousy and insulting 5% commission on the WHOLESALE volume, which amounts to a ridiculous 3% piddly commission of the retail selling price. You can't remain in business with such an insanely low profit margin. What an insult to the person doing the selling!

No intelligent business person is going to join with a starting incentive of 3%! I tried telling them this, too. Nobody listened. (Why listen to a "low-level" starting "peon" like me? what do I know, right?) Apparently, they are not looking for intelligent people. So I left Modere.

I got so tired of my false starts, to only find out later, management was stupid. I almost said, "Forget it, there didn't seem to be a company who's got their act together!" But I'm glad I don't give up too easily. I knew there must to be a company I could be satisfied with.

So I went on a deepest company research project I've ever done in my life! Finally, I found a stable 41 year-old, multi-billion dollar company, with a BBB A+ rating, accredited since 1978, and who starts their business owners out with a hefty 35% commission on the actual retail selling price of all their 126 products.

Now, I'm finally settled in for the long-run journey, with not just a good company, but a GREAT one. I found my rock solid "home" again, as they say in the industry of network marketing.

One of the hardest lessons I've learned in choosing the right network marketing company is to never choose what I call a "rinky-dink" network marketing company ... if you're in it for the long term, and plan to create generational legacy wealth.

The most crucial questions I've learned to ask are ...

1) Has the company clearly proven themselves over time with their track record?

2) Another huge one is CREDIBILITY. What is their reputation?

Track record and reputation are really the only reliable criteria you can hang your hat on.

If you're not a network marketer, you may be totally skeptical of the industry model in the first place. You may have seen a lot of "failures" in it. You may even know somebody who "failed" and complained about it. Or maybe you tried, and didn't do so well.

However, there is always a reason for "failure".

The network marketing (AKA "MLM") model is here to stay. The FTC recognizes the multi-level marketing model as a legitimate form of business, just like franchises. (Read the FTC guide. This is a good guideline on what to look out for in choosing a legitimate company.)

Now I've embarked on the biggest project I've ever done in my life in the network marketing industry, and for network marketers. I've created a 18-month free Business Apprenticeship program for network marketers who want to partner up with me and my teams.

I've discovered that the real reason most network marketers fail is because they were never properly educated and trained in real business. They never learned how to transition from an employee mindset to a real business owner mindset. Also, they never learned how to market and sell professionally.

A "pet peeve" of mine, in my own industry, is some "leaders" teach you just have to "share" the products to others ... which is hogwash! These "leaders" beat around the bush implying you don't have to sell.

So what happens, is most network marketers never get good training in professional sales! So you have a bunch of amatuer sellers in our industry, who make the entire industry look bad with a bunch of "salesy" and obnoxious people "just sharing." It's nearly laughable, and so to any professional salesperson or business person, many network marketers look lame. I agree!

Professional network marketing, like any other business, requires selling to the end user, along with team building and leadership development.

What's interesting to me is that the failure rate in network marketing is about the same for ANYBODY in any other business who has no business experience. The failure rate in real estate and insurance is just as awful! So it's unfair for a critic to say the problem is the industry model itself. That's just not true. The real problems are lack of trust and competency.

The good thing about the network marketing model is the barrier to entry is very low, and ANYBODY can get involved to have the opportunity to create a big business for themselves. That's also the bad thing about network marketing! ANYBODY can get involved, including unethical scumbags or morons. lol.

Every master of success in life, I know, knows the bottom line for success is in each person's own personal development.

What is their will and attitude towards learning? Are they a life-long learner? That's ultimately what we're doing (or should be doing) in life, and that's why I created this site. (The only people I accept on my team now are life-long learners.)

The biggest benefits I've found in this business are ...

1) My own personal self development (mentally, spiritually, and physically)

2) The friendships I'm able to create by truly being able to help others with systems that lead them to lasting financial independence, and mental and physical well-being.

3) Generational Wealth Building

If you’re friendly, ethical, willing to learn, have ambition with a strong work ethic, and will schedule consistent time to work a real business, I believe I'd enjoy working with you, as that's who I am, too.

(Besides myself, we have a team of people behind me who devote every day of their lives to helping good people succeed with this exclusive opportunity.)

Of course, the more leadership experience you have, the faster you'll succeed. However, we will train you from scratch, step by step, with our exact franchise-like systems.

Forever, our MWG team, and our proven systems work to help you bring about the results you’re looking for ... IF you work hard using our systems and do what is taught by the best in business and our industry.

If nothing else, I hope you get from my story to ...


Yours for Success!,
Wayne Gerald

P.S. If you have any questions, contact me. 

Were's a trust-based team, not "pressure-based" one. I won't try to push you to buy or join whatsoever.

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