Why are the RIGHT probiotics so crucial for your good health? How to never be fooled by sellers of 100 Billion CFU's. What causes good health are the STRAINS used, not the quantity. Any manufacturer can load their capsules with cheap strains.

Probiotics Guide - How to Pick the Right Probiotic. Gut Bacteria Overview - by Thomas DeLauer

About Active Pro-B - by Holly Stout, Director of Product Development

The QUANTITY of CFU's isn't what matters most. What's crucial is the EFFICACY of the Probiotic Strains Formula. How well does it WORK? A hodgepodge of 21 strains (to look impressive) is joke. You must look at the SYMBIOTIC compatibility of the strains!

Forever Active Pro-B
blends six strains of friendly bacteria, selected and engineered for their ability to reach the intended destination of the large intestine.

Active Pro-B
is the perfect high-quality friendly bacteria supplement to complement your gut flora and assist with your diet and lifestyle goals.

Each strain goes through thorough testing and has been selected for its ability to bypass stomach acid for optimal delivery into the intestines.

Active Pro-B does not require refrigeration. However, to ensure maximum benefits, the capsules are stored in unique packaging which controls moisture and protects the goodness captured in each supplement.

The formula is free from allergens and suitable for vegetarians.


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Not only has Forever taken great pains to offer, arguably, the most efficacious probiotic formula made, but they also went the second mile to protect their probiotics with their Activ Vial technology. Their concern tells you something about their caring attitude towards excellence and greatness.

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As you see, Forever is no Mickey Mouse operation. The company succeeded in building their multi-billion dollar operation BECAUSE of their excellent products people really want.

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