You, as a Start-up Business Founder, make 35% Retail Profit on the RETAIL selling price of 126 physical products, 'right out of the gate.' Sell offline or online. No inventory or monthly purchase is required to make full 35% retail commissions ...

Note: What you see is what we believe to be the most complete and transparent business opportunity presentation of the leveraged-sales business opportunity of Forever, ever done.

Plenty of information is intentionally provided here so you (a potential Founder of your own new business) can make an informed business decision, based on having all the needed facts.

If this page is "too much information" for somebody (what does this really mean, anyway? Don't we need all the facts?) ... that indicates they're likely not a lifelong learner, nor do they have the right mindset of a start-up business owner.

The likelihood of success is not very high for an "aspiring" business owner who is not an "informed thinker" (as Brian Tracy calls it, below).

One must get all the facts, first, before they jump to any wrong conclusions and make a bad decision based on not knowing what they don't know.

Of course, serious people contemplating involving themselves in a new business must take a deep look at the product line and the credibility of the company producing the products.

We encourage you to examine everything. Those who are too impatient to read and neglect learning all about the opportunity ... will also likely not pay enough attention to the details needed to run their own successful business.

Unfortunately, impatient skimmers are the one's who are most likely to fail in business because "the devil is in the details" ... that they end up missing.

So IF this information seems to you like "it's too much", you're likely not qualified (having a thirsty learner's mind) to run any serious business ... other than maybe selling at a flea market.

IF you're looking for "3 Fast and Easy Steps to Becoming a Millionaire in 90 days", you're looking for a pie-in-the-sky delusion that will never exist. You'd be better off buying lotto tickets at the convenience store, and hoping you'll hit the lottery so you can get relief from your mediocre life.

But if you got this far reading, this probably doesn't describe you. (I've lost the skimmers already, and that's fine. This isn't meant for the impatient.)

The lazy always look for the easy way to riches. We call it "fufu dust." The scammers (and there are many) always promise their opportunity is "simple", and the ignorant fall for their scams.

I won't make the promise to you that the business is simple or easy. Business universities never promise that either! Why? Because it's not true.

No business is simple or easy. Every business requires a lot of learning and hard work. Not everybody has the self-discipline it takes to succeed. So owning a business is not for everybody.

No matter what business one considers, if someone is not willing to learn, they'll only end up wasting their time and money, along with the frustrating experience of not knowing what they're doing.

Building any successful business enterprise requires constant learning, patience and persistance, and hard work.

The good news is that if you supply the learning mind (whether you're a high-school drop-out or not), you will get full access to our 18-month Business Apprenticeship training for free.

You'll learn everything it takes to succeed by the best of the best in business, and make money while you learn a business which has legitimate and ethical million-dollar a year earning potential.

We're a trust-based organization. I know I have to earn your trust by practicing full transparency, without hype and no pressure. You will get the straight-forward transparent truth here.

If you're seriously considering the idea of doing this leveraged business, and you reach out to speak with me, I will never try to push you to "get in now". I'll simply answer any questions you may have.

No business person likes being pressured into doing anything (including customers). That's why you and I are aspiring founders and entrepreneurs, right?

We want to be our own boss and don't want anybody pushing us or telling us what to do!

I'm only looking for three good people to work with this year, who like people, and love the adventure of learning personal-growth skillsets, and smart marketing and business practices.

( If you'd like to learn more about me, click here. )

After you've gone over the facts, and if we mutually decide we're a compatible fit to work with each other, you will start right away making a generous 35% retail commission on 126 physical products customers repeatedly buy each month.

Unlike affiliates selling "electronic info products" online, which can be sold to one person, one time ... the product-line here gets used up, and bought over and over again ... creating lifetime clients.

The lifetime value (over 5 years) of an average client is $7,113. You never have to suffer the frustration of continuing to find new products to sell to the same customer!

You get permanent commission raises as you progress in your sales volume, and make up to a whopping 48% retail profit on the retail selling price of all 126 products the manufacturer produces.

You only need to reach any sales milestone (rank) one time. You're never penalized with profit-margin percentage cuts. Once you hit the 48% retail profit margin, you make it forever!

For those who want to build teams (not required but recommended for maximum growth), you can make an additional 3% to 13% in management override bonuses, plus vehicle bonuses, all expense paid vacations for building successful teams, and large annual bonuses.

You get 126 consumable products to build a significant repeat business with, including;

Nutritional beverages, nutrition, fitness, weight loss programs and supplements, fitness bars, essential oils, complete skin care, personal care, bee products, and animal care.

Video - 'Uninformed Versus Informed Thinking' by Brian Tracy (1 min. 33 secs.)

Everything below is to help you become an informed thinker. So go ahead and take your time to carefully go over this information. Nobody wants to push or rush you into anything.

If you would like to take a peek inside of our outstanding training, including full Brian Tracy seminars, let me know. I'll invite you into our secret Facebook group "Learning Units".

You get a week to look it over, so you can gain the confidence in knowing that you will get the proper business training to succeed. (If you're a life-long learner, you'll be delighted.)

Very brief 5-minute Mini-Preview of the Business

Why Forever? - Natalie (Brief Business Explanation)

Forever is a 'hidden' 41 year-old, 2.8 billion a year global "invisible giant." Most people haven't heard of them yet in North America. So your profit potential is virtually unlimited with 1/2 billion people living in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, alone.

Let's get to the money: 'So how can I make an extra $1,000 a month, part-time?'

Before anybody gives you hype about the "big money" you can earn in their "great" opportunity, a good first reasonable question to ask them is ...

"How do to make just an extra $1,000 a month?"

Ask them to explain how you can make just a modest extra $1,000 a month. Have them give you the specific details.

Of course, you can make much, much more than $1,000 a month, and 1,000's of people in Forever do.

Forever's biggest earner makes $780,000 a month!

However, this took him many years, and an extreme amount of hard work, and is not typical.

But like "running the 4-minute mile", it's nice to know it's possible to make that much money each month ... by the very fact it's already being done now by somebody else in Forever.

Forever has several male and female million-dollar a year earners, and many who became millionaires, because of Forever.

Our team training, systems, and marketing tools (such as this page) is based upon preparing you properly with the best training from proven experts, and smart strategies, tactics, and tools ...

... so you CAN become a millionaire, if you so desire.

Mediocrity isn't our goal. An extraordinary life, is!

However, let's get you to $1,000 a month, first. 
Here's how ...

Making one's first $1,000 a month is typically their hardest money to make, because of the learning curve for somebody new to become competent in any business venture.

The second, third, and fourth $1,000's a month is much easier to make because you have systems in place and you know what you're doing by then.

As Master Success Coach, Brian Tracy, says ... the good news is ... "All skills are learnable."

So ... to make $1,000 a month, you need 29 retail clients (repeat customers) who purchase $100 retail a month from the 126 products available (to date) you can sell.

(Many products are essential everyday products which nearly everybody uses and uses up. So it's not out of the question for somebody to buy $100 worth each month. They're spending their money on those products, anyway.)

To be exact, with only 29 retail clients buying $100 a month, you make $1,015 a month at the beginning 35% commission level.

(As your sales increase, your profit margins go up from 35% and incrementally increase up to 48% profit/commission.)

Here are 3 more examples

When you have 12 retail customers (clients) buying the USA Vital 5 Freedom (the most health transformative pack Forever sells) for $247 each month ... that's $247 x 12 monthly clients = $2,964 in regular monthly sales. $2,964 x 35% commission = $1,037.40 retail profit a month from just 12 clients.

(Note: if you're from the UK, this is the Vital 5 page.)

If you're the "rank" of Manager, you make: $2,964 sales x 48% profit = $1,422.72 retail profit a month.

The above is you with just 12 Vital 5 Freedom clients.

What if you acquired 100 repeat retail customers on Vital 5 Freedom? (not unrealistic for any small ambitious business)

That's $24,700 a month in sales x 48% = $11,856 retail profit each month!

That's $142,272 in annual income for you, just from retail sales (without team-building).

This is just in regular repeat sales as a product retailer, not including any team bonuses.

So how many regular customers would you want to acquire over time?
200, 500, 1,000?

As many as you can, right?

Your potential is virtually unlimited.

Our support team have the start-up business growth "hacks" for you to help you scale your business up as big and as fast as you want, online.

Ultimately, your success is determined by your own persistence, strong work ethic, willingness to learn, and right mindsets and skill-sets.

We'll provide you with the full business apprenticeship training and tools, as long as you supply the drive and ambition to learn and do.

(Note: With this page, and the Vital 5 Freedom page (above) and our many dozens of other presentation pages, you get your own personalized versions of these pages to help you sell (and build a team only if you want).

Our team has 60+ other promotional pages to help you build a big and profitable business. They're exclusively available for those who join with me and my team. )

Tip: If you happen to be in the process of comparing compensation plans, make sure to always ask, whoever you're talking to ...

"What do I have to do to make $1,000 a month?"

They should be able to answer you clearly, right away, and their explanation shouldn't be confusing at all. If it is, that's a warning flag.

The entire product line you'll be selling is backed up by extensive growth-trend market research ...

Check it out for yourself;

The global dietary supplements market size is projected to reach USD 194.63 billion by 2025.

Essential Oil Market is expected to reach $11.19 billion by 2022, with a CAGR of 8.7% from 2016 to 2022

Global Facial Mask Market Will Reach USD 50.91 Billion By 2025: Zion Market Research

Skin Care Products Market Worth $183.03 Billion By 2025 | CAGR: 4.4%

The $72 Billion Weight Loss & Diet Control Market in the United States, 2019-2023

Isn't it smart to choose a company who manufacturers an extensive range of consumable products in the above classes, which people will buy from you over and over again?

Of course, if you want to give yourself the maximum global potential to make the most money.

Take-anywhere nutritional drinks and food bars makes nutrition extremely convenient for your customers. Portability makes selling them much easier! You make more repeat 35%-48% retail profits with easy, on-the-go nutrition.

With my exclusive team, you get dozens and dozens of customized product-presentation and business pages to help you sell.

You never have to "sell" in the sense of doing high-pressure pitches or presentations to people.

Your pages do all your presentations, for you.

We have a rule. We never pressure anybody to do anything!  ...

... whether they're a customer or a team member.

(After all, you're starting your own business to have freedom, right? So I'm not going to push you.)

Your biggest job is to build trust. We do that with the "trust-based languaging" we teach, and good listening skills.

Learning these skills are not difficult. You will enjoy HOW you do what you do, and sleep well at night ... knowing you acted professionally and truly helped people.

Our business and training model is designed for GOOD PEOPLE, not scumbags.

No, we don't teach using sales scripts, which makes you sound like a negative sales stereotype. Scripts are unnatural. They make you sound fake, and they destroy trust.

You get to be YOU! Your role is as a consultant and advisor. Introverts succeed at this, too.

When somebody trusts you, they will tell you the truth about any problems they may have. Then you'll be able to direct them to one of your pages ... which addresses the problem they want solved.

They either want the solution or not. Their decision. No pressure.

Below are 19 of my own product sales pages you can take a peek at, if you want.

If we're a right fit for each other, you get all the pages you see below (and many more) ... 100% personalized for you, with your info and product-order links.

You get all these exclusive promotional pages, made only for those who join with me.

Many people like to try some of Forever's products, first, before they decide to join.

I totally understand how important it is to have firm belief in how good the products work before you promote them.

So you're welcome try them out as a customer, before you decide to join. (They're risk-free to try.)

Click or tap on any one of the product links below, and you'll arrive to the page which gives you all the details about that product. (Opens in new page.)


Aloe Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask

Aloe Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask

Vital 5 Freedom 
(Health Transformation Pack)

Vital 5 (Health Transformation Pack)

Clean 9
(9-Day Basic Body RESET)

F15 Weight Management Program

Active Pro-B Probiotics


Aloe Drinks

Forever Daily Multivitamin


Joint Support

Joint Support for Athletes

Infinite Advanced Dry and Aging Skincare

Sonya Combination Skin Daily Skincare


Essential Oils

Consumer ALERT Bulletin


The above pages (and dozens more) are already done for you.

So you don't have to invest 10's of $1,000's of dollars to pay a professional copywriter.

... Nor do you have to invest 100's and 100's of hours trying to do-it-yourself  ... just to get your marketing pages ready so you can start your business!

The copywriting work is ready for you to leverage growing your business.

Your marketing job is to expose as many of your pages, in different media, to the right targeted audiences, to as many people as you can, as fast as you can.

Ask anybody else (in any other opportunity you may be considering joining) if they have dozens and dozens of ready-made online marketing pages for you to help you sell and build a team.

Ask them to show them to you!

Also, ask them if they give you the big opportunity to make 35% profit right out of the starting gate, up to 48% commissions ... from online sales.

I haven't found anybody else in the network marketing industry, yet, who does this for their team.

Instead of figuring out what to say and write, you can focus on growing your business!

The hard work spending the major time, money and effort that it takes to create compelling sales-copy is done for you.

You get the leverage of an expedited marketing-start, similar to a franchise.

The dozens of sales pages you get (including this very page you're reading now) are exclusively for my team only.

They're not available from the company or any other organization.

You can only get these by partnering up with me.

You get 19 (to date) Product Sales Pages to help you sell online. Below is a collage image of 8 Product Sales Pages ...

The following examples you see, as you scroll down, are 12,600 hours of advanced preparation of an evolving system to help our fellow entrepreneurs (Founders) sell products and build teams. 

(This is 2 1/2 years, 360 days a year, and 14 hours a day of hard work done for you so you're ahead of the game!)

If you've read "The E-Myth Revisited", you know this is called "working ON the business."

Time-wise, this is a $630,000 investment in time for you. 

So you get a huge "unfair" competitive advantage by working with us by saving oodles of time and money.

(Do you have any idea of what it costs to pay for professional copywriters these days?)

Your marketing is ready-to-go, "out of the box" ... like you'd expect if you were buying a franchise.

Most Founders (in their "right" mind) would never go to this extreme or second mile to prepare so much in advance to help each of their associated aspiring entrepreneurs build a massive business.

However, we're not thinking small. The big picture is ... the more I can help you succeed, the more I succeed, too.

The same goes with you, too. The more you help others succeed, the more money you'll make.

Besides getting paid large profit margins (35% to 48%) from the sales of your own customers, you also get paid 3% to 13% on the retail sales of the businesses you help develop and grow.

So my incentive and motivation is to empower you to become a millionaire, if that's what you want.

Of course, to become a millionaire requires much preparation and hard work. Part-timers could never pull this project off, unless they had a lot of money at hand to outsource such a massive project.

(Note: Nobody is making any promises of becoming a millionaire. That all depends on you, your willingness to learn and a strong work ethic. Most people fail because they lack these two qualities.) 

So all this preparation has been done for you so you can expose the ready-made presentations to as many people you can, as fast as you can. (You'll be shown dozens of ways to do that, too.)

What is your investment in this system?

Just $12.95 a month is all. You get all these pages personalized, already created 6-month autoresponder systems, and a full contact management system to track your leads and follow up.

Your investment in your ready-made system is not "nothing", but it's practically next to nothing in comparison to the alternative of investing $630,000 and 12,600 hours of hard work! 

Remember, unlike most network marketing companies, there is no overhead of forced monthly product purchase or monthly "autoship" required to make retail commissions.

So your monthly business overhead and expenses are extremely low.

(We don't count paid advertising as a business "expense" because paid advertising is an investment that makes you money, if done right.)

To see the actual 19 product sales pages that are ready for you to use, automatically, you can review them here ...

The 19 Actual Product Sales Pages Link

16 'Lead Pages' to help you generate leads for new team members (Part 1)

Without generating leads, you won't have any prospects. Prospecting and prospects are the "life-blood" of any business.  You can let your pages do the presentation for you. 

(There are literally dozens and dozens (even 100's) of ways you can get your pages in front of people. You'll be shown how in our Facebook Learning Units. Paid advertising is usually the fastest way. Though slower and less scalable, there are many free ways, too.)

Even if you decide not to build a team (not required), you can still make $101,347.20 a year, IF you acquire 85 Vital 5 clients (repeat customers) and you make sure they're well taken care of.

How hard you work and how effective you are will determine the speed of getting to 100k a year, if that's your goal.

How you advertise your business is your choice.

Give your clients a great customer experience (that's what it's all about), and you will turn your clients into advocates or even raving fans ... who will in turn refer new customers to you.

However, to take your business to a management level, where you're assisting other entrepreneurs to build a business, you need to find good people for your entrepreneur team.

The following lead generation pages help you attract the right team for your business.

All the example pages you see, are personalized with your information. You can easily set these pages to direct to any of our "Play 1" Landing pages, after they "opt-in". 

Nobody we know offers their teams such a big buffet of already-made, professionally-written lead pages and sales pages to help you sell products, build a team, and thus grow your business.

(All the example pages you see are exclusively and only for those who join with me.)

16 more 'Lead Pages' to help you generate leads for new team members (Part 2)

You even get twice as many lead pages to choose from than the examples you see here.

I'm showing you these examples so you can rest certain that when I say we have dozens of pre-written and personalized pages you get to help build your business, I really mean it. You don't have to trust any hype. These examples are proof.

'Play 1' Landing Pages which offer Value to give food for thought for aspiring entrepreneurs (Part 1)

Your lead pages direct your aspiring entrepreneur team member prospects to any one of the following landing pages:

(You get to choose whichever of these landing pages you want to "redirect" your prospects to, after they opt-in your lead page with their contact info.)

Here are 8 of our personalized landing pages (you get with your info) which leads to the business presentations here ...

Opportunity Presentation - New to Network Marketing

Opportunity Presentation - For Existing Network Marketers

'Play 1' Landing Pages which offer Value to give food for thought for aspiring entrepreneurs (Part 2)

Here are another 8 of our personalized landing pages (you get with your info) which leads to the business presentations here ...

Opportunity Presentation - New to Network Marketing

Opportunity Presentation - For Existing Network Marketers

Make 35% retail profit out the gate (as much as 48% permanently). With such large profit percentages, you make enough money (working capital) to re-invest in an ad budget (to 'buy customers') to grow your business, exponentially.

Business people know that money (working capital) is required to grow any business. So if you're not making enough retail profit from the get-go ... to expand your business, how can you grow?

It's virtually impossible unless you know a lot of the right people.

Making enough money from the start to be able to re-invest your profits for even more business growth is crucial to succeed in any business. Businesses fail due to under-capitalization ... not being able to afford to get the word out about their products.

THE 2 TOP REASONS (out of 17 Reasons) why choosing Forever to build your family legacy of wealth is a smart choice ...


Your Forever Retail Profit (commission) STARTS at 35% of the actual RETAIL selling price:

Sellers must be paid generously for selling the products. Duh, huh.

Yet, as insane as it sounds, most network marketing companies don't pay their sellers (retailers) enough money to sell the products! So hardly anybody actually sells to the "end user" in network marketing. So this stunts radical business growth.

But this is not the case with Forever. (That's why they're a multi-billion dollar company.)

Brand new people starting out get to enjoy making generous commissions right away with a whopping 35% retail profit margin.

(No monthly purchase is required to qualify for this commission, either ... which is typically unheard of in the network marketing industry.)

You don't have to buy and stock any inventory to make your 35% commission, either. You make 35% retail profit when your shoppers order online from your supplied free Forever retail shopping cart.

(You'd be lucky if you could even find an online affiliate program that pays 35% on physical products. Most affiliate programs pay from as low as 1% to 20% on physical products)


Besides selling products, there's the team-building aspect of network marketing to grow your business even faster:

If you plan to build a team (not required) to earn management bonuses, you must be able to offer an opportunity which pays your sellers very well from the start, or else they're not going to want to join you or won't stick around for very long.

People (you and I) want to be paid well for what we do!

The loyalty and retention of distributors (called FBO's - Forever Business Owners) in Forever is extremely high compared to most companies. That's because everybody is paid well!

Again, strong retail profit incentives (which goes up to 48% profit margin) are crucial to motivate retail sellers ... you and I ... to sell.

Most network marketing companies are woefully lame when it comes to paying their sellers a very good retail profit. So hardly anybody retails products in those companies ... something the FTC targets companies on.

Shouldn't you be fairly and handsomely rewarded for acquiring and keeping customers? Of course! This creates huge volume-producing organizations. Everybody wins.

What is the biggest benefit for serious-minded business people to making a 35% to 48% profit margin?

Your realistic ability to leverage and GROW YOUR BUSINESS as big as you want, with a high enough profit margin, which allows you to re-invest your capital gains back into marketing and advertising for exponential business growth.

In other words, with a 35% to 48% profit margin, you're allowed enough profit to have enough capital to re-invest in advertising so you can leverage your capital to keep scaling up the size of your business ... to grow as big as you want. (Our team calls this "buying customers.")

2) You get to proudly work with a credible 41 year-old stable company with offices in 157 countries:

So why is this so important to you?

Let's start with your customer's confidence. Your customers must feel confident in the competence of the company. They must feel certainty in the safety and effectiveness of Forever's products for their family. Each one of us wants assurance that whoever we buy from, the company has mastery and competence over what they do.

After all, it's our families at stake here in what we put in our bodies. So we must trust who makes the products we use. Forever has proven, by their mere length in surviving 41 years and prospering in business, they can be and ARE trusted already. (A+ BBB Accredited since 1978)

As a business owner ...

Have you experienced a company who fell apart? (maybe even your own?) The experience is tramatic. Some people never want try again after this has happened.

However, as a Forever Business Owner (FBO), you're with a competent and credible company you can rely on to be around for a long time, so your children and grandchildren benefit from all the hard work you put in now. You'll truly be able to leave them a lasting legacy of wealth.

No reasonable person wants to take big risks and work with a new company who is iffy and may fall apart. Who wants to have to start all over again, and for all their hard work and money wasted down the drain? Who wants to suffer all the grief and embarassment of completely wasting their time and money, and having your friends say, "I told you so."?

So it's only smart to make sure that whatever company we join has the greatest chance of survival, growth, and prosperity ... long-term, right?

After 41 years, it's a safe bet Forever will be around long after we're gone. We can rely on a company who has already proven themselves after 4 decades, so they're a safe bet for creating wealth for you and your family.

Nobody wants to risk their pride, time, and money. Diligent and smart professionals choose companies who are established, have high credibility, and have already achieved mastery in what they do.

Why would any sane person bet their life and wealth accumulation on some experimental company who claim they will be "the next billion-dollar company"?

Instead, choose an existing proven multi-billion dollar a year company now, and never waste your time with hopeful and risky "rinky-dink" companies ... ever (again).

* If ready to enroll now, click/tap the big blue button. (If your using your phone, simply tap where it says, "Contact Wayne Gerald" and you'll see the another blue button to join.)


If not, continue on watching more videos and read the rest of the 17 reasons why choosing Forever is a smart financial choice to build a strong, profitable, and lasting business with.

Forever has the research and giant capacity to continue improving products, and introduce new ones every year. You'll never have a shortage of exciting products to sell. Listen to Holly Stout introduce new products at the 2019 Global Rally in Sweden.

How much money can I make? The Compensation Plan

Forever Compensation Plan (PDF 8MB)

Get a Deeper Look at the Business Opportunity by a Millionaire in Forever (LIVE presentation)

(This presentation is especially insightful for experienced network marketers.)

Skeptical? About the Anti's (cynics) who blame everything else besides their own failure mindsets and lack of skills ...

Did you know you may have been misinformed (lied to) about the model of Leveraged Sales? (AKA, "Network Marketing" or "MLM")

You may have been given bad information by somebody who lacks the persistance to learn how to succeed in any business.

Instead of the portrayed "victim" taking responsibility for their own bad mindsets or skills, it's much easier and face-saving for them to blame their failure on anything else, besides themselves.

OR worse, you may have been lied to by people who have another agenda ... such as trying to sell you something they have. (Usually a very expensive online membership or course.)

In any case, isn't worth your time to delve in to find out who's telling you the truth? The link below addresses everything you may have heard that is "bad" about this industry model, and fully exposes and debunks their lies, absurdities, and ridiculousness.

Get the truth ...

Example of a Speaker at a Forever Business Global Event

: If you live in the USA, our market here is wide open. The company president calls the company an "invisible giant". That's one of the reasons I chose to create a long-term legacy with this titan company.

Click this link for 12 more Forever Business Success Stories from all walks of life. Your background doesn't matter ...

You'll be shown how to build your business each step of the way. Our Marketing Warriors/Warrioresses Group has all the training, systems, and personalized websites you'll need to become successful in Forever.

Forever Living, MWG, and Wayne Gerald's Income Disclaimer

Peter Pressman, MD, PhD and Wallace Hayes PhD, DABT, ERT, FATS, FRSB, FACFE, FACN, CNS are some of Forever's Scientific Advisory Board. These independent scientists explain why they respect, trust, and endorse Forever ...

Here are just a few of the nearly 200 consumable products people buy and use every day ...

If you want more extensive information on Forever's product line, please contact me. I'll give you some links. Forever offers a "no-questions asked" 60-day money-back guarantee on all their products.

New Product Innovations - By Holly Stout (LIVE), Director of Product Development

You will be proud to represent Forever's product lines. Your customers will be impressed, too. Watch this video and see why.

Meet Forever's Home Office Staff in Scottsdale, Arizona (Host - Gregg Maughn, President)

Say, Super Size me? Look at the giant size of the company's Packing and Shipping Center, alone!

Not just your ordinary company. They are the "invisible giant" in the industry.

As you see, Forever is no Mickey Mouse operation. The company succeeded in building their multi-billion dollar operation BECAUSE of their excellent products people really want.

Take a Virtual Tour of Forever’s massive manufacturing facility …

How Forever Got Started (with 82 year-old Rex Maughn, Founder and CEO of Forever)

Your Customers DEMAND the Highest Quality! What are Forever’s Manufacturing Standards?

2019/2020 Forever Product Catalog (US)

Forever's beautiful 43-page color Catalog helps you sell. You can order as many or as few as you want ... any quantity. They're only .45 cents each so they're easy on your budget to liberally give away.

Forever product samples are only .10 cents each? Yes! You don't have to pay an arm and a leg for samples and bust your budget. What other company does this? (Good question. We haven't heard of any other.)

Each sample package gives your prospect a sufficient quantity to try and get results!

Shipping is only $2.50 per order no matter how many catalogs, literature, or samples you order. Forever never wants to hold you up from handing out literature due to expensive shipping costs!

Download a PDF version of Forever's catalog now (Save as) or click/tap the button to view online.

Forever Retail Price List

Unlike most network marketing companies, who don't manufacture all their own products (like Forever does), Forever's retail prices are extremely reasonable for their high-end products. You start Forever making a whopping 35% commission of these retail prices. (It goes up to 48% commission in the compensation plan.)

Forever Living is an A+ Accredited Member of the BBB (since 1978) and abides by the DSA Code of Ethics.

Click here to see Forever's rating at the Better Business Bureau website

VIDEO - Take a peek inside (further below) at the outline of the exclusive Business Apprenticeship Training you get (for free) when you join with me ... (Pause the video as needed.)

Virtually everything you need to know to succeed in business is inside our secret Facebook Group Learning Units. 

Most of the training you get is through easy-to-understand videos. You only learn from the best of the best experts who have actually done what they teach. 

Along with your online training, you get all our marketing systems ... personalized landing pages, product sales pages, online opportunity presentations, email autoresponders, contact database, and other tools.

The technical part of your business is figured out and done for you

Like a franchise, the offline literature, product samples, and online marketing systems are ready so you get the fastest start possible.

Your dozens of ready-made personalized Lead and Landing pages are written by a professional copywriter so you look like a PRO. You never have to start your advertising and marketing campaigns from scratch.

You're ready to go, with just a little bit of easy set-up with your personal info.

Whenever you're ready to start, click or tap the big square blue button to enroll.

(Note: Give me a call at +1 (541) 331-2210 if you have any questions, want more proof we deliver what we promise, or would like me to walk you through the enrollment processs. - Wayne)

Continued ... The other 15 Reasons why Forever is an excellent choice to build your family legacy of wealth ...

"Forever is truly a GLOBAL opportunity in more countries than any other network marketing company in the world. 157 countries so far. Most the entire globe is your retail market you can make big profits in."

No "middle man". Forever manufactures ALL their products. They're also the biggest farm owner of its category in the world. That means they're fully "vertical" so they can control their costs from farm to delivery. No distribution centers or wholesale jobbers get a piece of the pie. What this means to you is you can more easily sell products at retail prices the market will bear. Retailing products is truly doable and common in actual practice.

(Most network marketing companies have over-inflated pricing, which makes bonafide retailing virtually impossible in other companies in this industry model.)

4) NO confusing (and deceptive) BV/CV/WV/GV/PV (Bonus Volume, Commission Value/Volume, Wholesale Volume, Bonus Volume or Group Volume.) Except for Forever, virtually all network marketing companies pay their commissions and bonus percentages based on a much lower value than the retail price of their products, typically 25% less than retail.

When these other companies do this, they're able to inflate the perceived percentages they pay to make their profit margins appear bigger than they really are, whether they're intentionally deceptive or not. The only honest way you can easily figure out the real commissions you actually get paid by them, and be able to compare apples to apples ... must be calculated based on the profit margin percentages of the RETAIL price.

5) ALL commissions and team bonus percentages are paid based on the RETAIL selling price of the products. (Other companies pay percentages based the wholesale volume, or a lower bv/cv/pv point system.) In Forever, you're able to quickly and easily figure out what you actually get paid. How can you get excited about profit incentives if it's difficult to figure out what they are?

6) Samples of the several of the products are priced at only .10 cents each. So your investment in giving away free samples is extremely low, you make it easy for potential buyers to try those products before they buy. 41-page Catalogs are just .45 cents each, which makes it inexpensive and affordable for you to get catalogs into prospects' hands to increase the likelihood of them buying.

7) Full commissions can be made on building just ONE leg. You don't have to dance and play ridiculous games trying to balance 2 legs to get paid commissions! ... such as what happens with binary pay companies.

8) Once any retail commission rank is reached (35%, 38%, 43%, 48%), your rank AND your COMMISSION never falls lower. Your profit margin level for retailing is permanent, forever, without any purchase requirement or continued monthly qualifications.

9) Qualifications can be achieved over a period of 2 months (and even 4 months for a Manager, who gets 48%) instead of the typical single one-month qualifications required in most NWM companies. So it's easier on you to qualify to the higher retail profit levels, especially if you're just working part-time.

10) You can increase your profit percentages to 48% ("rank up") by RETAILING alone. You don't have to sponsor one person make a 48% profit (retail commission). What that means for you is you can make a really good living by retailing, alone. Not everybody wants to have to be forced to recruit in order to create a decent lifestyle for themselves. People who want to retail only, are welcome!

11) No Monthly Autoship. Most other companies require you to purchase a certain amount of products each month to make ANY commission. Not Forever. Autoship is NEVER required for you to qualify for ANY commission, bonus, trip, or rank. No purchases and no minimum sales are ever required for you to make a whopping 35% (up to 48%) in retail commissions. This is unheard of in our industry, and makes Forever stand by itself in their fairness to you and I.

) You don't have to pay any sign-up fees or pay an annual renewal fee to keep your business. Many network marketing companies require you to pay an annual fee, and if you don't pay it, you lose your team, permanently. This will never happen to you in Forever. You're in their system for life without worry that you forfeit and lose your team simply because you may have forgotten to renew!

13) Forever is a private multi-billion dollar manufacturer who pays million-dollar checks to their leaders in the field every year. Instead of fat bonuses getting paid to CEO's of publicly traded companies, the most important person in Forever is YOU in the "field", not their CEO.

14) A large product line with over 100 products which are priced reasonably to sell at full retail price. (18 new products will be launched this year (in 2019).) Under-capitalized small companies could never pull off creating and releasing so many products they manufacture in just one year. So new product releases all the time keeps you and your team always excited about what's coming next!

15) Accredited A+ Rating with the BBB since 1978. Member of the Direct Selling Association. Very few network marketing companies have such an impeccable reputation and stature. You'll find it's much harder to recruit (sponsor) people on your team if the company is not extremely credible, and you can PROVE it.

16) No sign-up fee to start. You can join this 41 year-old legacy company at no fee in most countries in the world. That means anybody, no matter their income status, can start their business and get the same freedom of opportunity as somebody who has a lot of money already.

17) More people = more potential customers and distributors. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out. Forever takes being a global company seriously with physical offices in 157 countries. They are creating the infastructure to become the largest network marketing company in the world. Wouldn't it be great to be in on the adventure to build a world-wide team?

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Here are just 12 of YOUR ready-made (personalized for YOU) product retail sales pages to HELP YOU SELL! ...

All the copy writing and video presentations of the products have already been created FOR you. You don't have to be a good copy writer. It's already done. So you're ready and able to start your new business right away acquiring customers.

Also, your powerful sales pages are customized with your own name, phone, email, and order link so your shopper can easily and conveniently order from you, right away ... all online.

No other team in Forever (or any other network marketing group) I know, offers so many exclusive sales pages (and dozens of "optin" and recruiting pages - not shown) to help you build your business and makes sales and profits.

(All your pages are also mobile-friendly, so your shoppers and potential team members can order or join from their phone. By offering your shoppers a great buying experience, you create loyalty and repeat-buying customers!)

You can only get all these sales pages by joining with me on my team. (An exclusive only for my group)


Even MORE 'Play 1' Landing Pages to help you grow your business (Part 3)

Here are yet even another 8 of our personalized landing pages (you get with your info).

Why do we offer so many pages to help you build your business?

Because there are so many different "target audiences", and our pages cater and appeal to different types of people. There's something for everybody! 

However, if we ever miss a target audience, we'll create a page to match their interests, needs, and wants. Our business building systems are are always in growth mode, improving all the time.   

Yet even more 'Play 1' Landing Pages ... (Part 4)

Here are another 8 of our personalized landing pages (you get with your info).

Again, your landing pages leads your prospects to your business presentations about Forever and our exclusive team offerings you're reading about now ...

Opportunity Presentation - New to Network Marketing

Opportunity Presentation - For Existing Network Marketers

As you see, our team is serious about helping you build a serious business of "legacy income", where your business still grows ...  with or without you. (100% E-Myth style "compliant") 

You most likely are not starting a business because you dream of creating our own self-employment job, right?

Who wants another job where you're working for yourself as a mere "solopreneur", still enslaved to work all the time? I'm sure not!

Don't you want to build a large cash-flow and big income, and reach time and money freedom?

It's about having freedom in life, right?

We believe you have the best opportunity to create freedom with our exclusive systems.

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By joining with me, you will get many exclusive personalized product and business websites (like mine, the one you're reading now) to help you build your business. 

When you get the Start Your Journey Pack, you'll be qualified as an Assistant Supervisor and make 35% of the product's retail selling price, right away!

Note: You must purchase the "Start Your Journey Pack" to become instantly "wholesale qualified" to make a 35% profit margin and to qualify for our exclusive Business Apprenticeship training and all our exclusive sales pages to help you build a significant business.

The one-time investment is only $253 (US) for large assortment of products (plus tax and $8.50 shipping).

Unlike most companies, there's no sign-up fee or "annual renewal fee" required, ever.


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It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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