If you were only able or allowed to eat and drink just ONE plant for health benefits, which plant has proven itself the most over the last 6,000 years?

Why has Aloe Vera been so popular for over 6,000 years? The History of Aloe Vera (Vintage video with evergreen truth) ...

In about 1750 BC, Sumerian clay tablets indicated the use of aloe vera for medical purposes. It appears that even earlier, perhaps as early as 4000 BC, drawings of it were found on temple walls in the tombs of the Pharaohs. It is said that the Egyptians called it the "Plant of Immortality".

Holly Stout, Director of Forever Product Development, introduces 99.7% Pure Inner Leaf Aloe Vera Gel and new SuperGreens ...

Webinar Q&A - Why and How to Drink Aloe Vera

Where can you find the most PURE and Fresh Aloe Vera Gel Drinks in the world?

Introduction to Forever

Brief Introduction to Forever Products - by Ashley Hower

Peter Pressman, MD, PhD and Wallace Hayes PhD, DABT, ERT, FATS, FRSB, FACFE, FACN, CNS are some of Forever's Scientific Advisory Board. These independent scientists explain why they respect, trust, and endorse Forever ...

These scientists discuss the extreme benefits of aloe, and their upcoming scientific, peer-reviewed white paper on aloe vera.

As you see, Forever is no Mickey Mouse operation. The company succeeded in building their multi-billion dollar operation BECAUSE of their excellent products people really want.

What does Mahatma Gandhi say about Aloe? ...

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